I just cut into ginger and there is a blue ring on its perimeter. Is this safe to eat? Is it blue ginger? http://t.co/L4FCyrY



JOHN April 24, 2018
When I noticed the blue color, I peeled the rest of what I had kept in the fridge, washed, cut it and poured some vinegar, and noticed the color was neutralized.
May be better to store in a bottle with vinegar, take out tge pieces and use it in curries whenever nedded.
victoria January 5, 2018
Fairly certain mine is off too...not an intentional blue strain, I know what farm mine came from , tasted it fresh,and this has changed..not in a good way. Mine was organic pink Hawaiian Ginger and it was delicious fresh. Ive let it sit too long, now it's bitter ,has a blue tinge inside and dried out, not gingery tasting at all. My fault for not using it sooner, but something is wrong..maybe like another poster mentioned..a fungus or who knows ?
SeaJambon March 26, 2013
Agree with rubbergrapes -- I use LOTS of ginger and Hawaiian Blue is my hands down FAVORITE! I'm always sad when I candy it and the blue disappears. I just bought a couple pounds of Organic Hawaiian Blue at Whole Foods and was doing the happy dance... :)
ceeteebee March 26, 2013
I had the same experience recently. The ginger itself seemed really dried out and the usually strong smell was very faint. I just assumed it had been sitting in the supermarket for too long. Is yours dry too? Or does it seem decently fresh?
rubbergrapes March 25, 2013
Don't throw it away! This is blue ring ginger. It is the cream of the crop of gingers and it comes from Hawaii. It is supposed to be superior in taste and juiciness.
Panfusine July 18, 2011
I'd go & get a fresh batch of ginger... the rhizome is probably affected by some kind of plant bacteria or fungus..
TerryMtz July 18, 2011
The blue is in the flesh of the ginger. I read a post on a message board that said it was blue ginger, but all I saw when I looked that up was the flower and Ming Tsai's restaurant! That made me doubtful of the info, so I turned to Foodpickle. Thanks for your help, panfusine!
Panfusine July 18, 2011
Blue Ginger, according to Wikipedia, is not really Ginger at all.. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Blue_ginger

I've never seen blue rings in ginger root, is the color on the peel or in the flesh?
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