Cutting Mango...

Is there a trick to cutting a mango?



Sagegreen July 20, 2011
A & M did a great demonstration on the 'porcupine' way to cut up a mango when they demo-ed my recipe last fall:
Panfusine July 20, 2011
with latoscana on this... the sap (as opposed to the juice from the fruit) contains a variant of urschiol (the nasty itchy compound in poison ivy), its concentrated around the the little stalk area, where the fruit was attached to the tree. make sure you cut that part liberally off, before you attack the fruit, & peel the skin off as a precaution. if you've ever snapped a mango (raw or ripe) from the tree, you can see the sticky milky sap oozing out, its nasty!
latoscana July 20, 2011
Many people have a skin reaction to the juice and skin of the mango but don't have a problem actually eating them. As a precaution when slicing them, you can wear disposable gloves.
susan G. July 19, 2011
Warning about the delights of mango juice running down your chin: a friend ate a mango down to the skin like that, and the whole area around her mouth became inflamed. She's more sensitive than most people, but we found out the reason -- mango is related to poison ivy. Never bothered her before the 'total immersion.'
Panfusine July 19, 2011
nope, simply hold the mango such that the pointy nose is facing towards the ceiling & lop off the 2 cheeks. Cut criss cross gashes across the flesh in the cheeks & invert to create a delightful 'porcupine'
the middle part containing the seed, you could take off a centimeter of flesh around the seed, or simply peel the skin off & bite off & suck out the flesh till all thats left is the woody pit.. (I know, dripping juice down the chin, it seldom makes for an elegant experience, but its the best part!) trust me, Just finished one!
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