How do you "like" a foodpickle question?



Anitalectric July 24, 2011
I thought that the third box that said "likes" meant how many people liked the question itself, and not the answers posted below. Sometimes I'm happy someone asked a question and wish there was a way to show it!
AntoniaJames July 20, 2011
The green box with "likes" on it shows the number of "likes" registered for all of the answers to the question. To indicate that you like an answer, you must log in, then click on "like this?" at the bottom of the answer. When I like a question, I simply respond as an answer, "Great question!!" or something along those lines. Why do you ask? ;o)
sdebrango July 20, 2011
I think you can only like a foodpickle answer not a question. I could be mistaken but have never seen anywhere to like a question just an answer.
Sagegreen July 20, 2011
When a question is posted, below it you will see three boxes. The olive green one to the right is a like box, which you can't click to show "like." But it may just signify that someone has clicked on "like" for an maybe you can't 'like' the question itself?
You can click the grey box below any answer posted...and I bet that gets calculated up in the olive green box.
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