what is Tsuyu and dashi

is it a term of food or condiment of some sort?



sheredel July 21, 2011
greatly appreciate all this information and adding to my culinary knowledge, truly grateful-
Sam1148 July 21, 2011
Home made dashi is the best it's Kombu seaweed, and bonito flakes simmered and strained.

However the instant "Aji Dashi" is just fine and is what most of the mid-class Japanese resturants use. It's comes closer to the real home made than say instant beef or chicken stock.
ChefJune July 21, 2011
@ Pierino ;) It's the Japanese version of "chicken soup!"
pierino July 20, 2011
And dashi is a damn fine thing to have on hand in your pantry for quick soups.
Kristy M. July 20, 2011
Tsuyu is a dipping sauce made of mirin, soy sauce and dashi. Dashi is a fish stock made using seaweed, bonito flakes, and water.
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