I need help in the Crock Pot arena. I bought a huge CorningWare Electrics Crockpot many, many years ago and I threw out the directions about the same time. If anyone can tell me how the "auto" setting works, I would be very beholdin'.
Can I assume the auto setting is the same on all crockpots, or am I very wrong?

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beckham2 June 11, 2023
The Auto setting heats on High for 2 hours then switches to Low to maintain constant cook temperature for the duration of the cook time. Another trick to speed up cooking is to heat covered Corningware insert in microwave until contents good and hot and then cook on low until dish is done. Cuts hours off of total cooking time. (Be sure to remove microwave turntable before heating in microwave.)
kylabranch August 9, 2011
I have the same one and would love to know what you found out.
Stockout October 13, 2010
Thank you, everyone, for helping me with my dilema. It isn't so much that I need to use the setting, I just don't want to be missing out on something that might actually be useful. Thank you Antonia, for the contact number....the model is stamped on the bottom of the heating device. I will contact them. The only thing I did manage to find out by myself was the temperature settings (equivalent to oven degrees) for the high and low settings.
Rivka October 12, 2010
My guess would be that it starts on high and switches to low, as mrslarkin said. If you're concerned, don't use that setting. Either way, if you're worried about things burning, stick a medium (2-3in diameter) ball of foil between container and heating device -- I often do that for cholent and it prevents burning.
mrslarkin October 12, 2010
Could this be it?? http://www.useandcaremanuals.com/pdf/SCO-150424.pdf Looks like the Auto setting starts out on High then switches to Low after two hours.
AntoniaJames October 12, 2010
The reason I ask is that others with CorningWare crock pots have had success calling Select Brands, the company that actually manufactured the crock pots.

Here is a thread at the fixya site you might find helpful. http://www.fixya.com/support/t1310679-ridiculous_just

And the relevant quote from someone a year ago is:

I also had lost my manual and couldn't remember how to turn the darn thing on. Got an 800 # for Select Brands, the company that actually manufacturs the crock pot. Call 866-663-4500. Great customer service - she emailed me a manual, and told me how to operate the pot.

Or you could just send a note through the customer care link at the Corning site -- http://www.corningware.com/ -- to see what they say. ;o)
AntoniaJames October 12, 2010
Can you tell what the model number is?
kfiles October 12, 2010
If by "same" you mean, "works equally poorly on all crockpots," then yes. I'd would avoid that setting. It should shut the pot off when the fluid temperature reaches some threshold. That will rarely have much to do with whether your roast or stew is done or overdone.
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