Looking for recipes for spicy, vegetarian, continental (ie western europe) cuisine ... if they exist.Bonus points if buttery.



Panfusine July 25, 2011
I second the Marcus Samuelsson link.. What type of cuisine are you looking for?, If you're looking for dishes by cuisine, i'd say Italian probably would fit the bill best for spicy vegetarian in its range of offerings, as well as Mediterranean food. Some of the best Vegetarian food can be had in Provence. perhaps ratatouille served alongside some Socca (http://www.food52.com/recipes/12313_socca_with_sesame_and_cilantro), with some bread & feta pesto (http://www.food52.com/recipes/3510_raw_blood_orange_cucumber_composed_salad_w_bulgarian_feta_pine_nut_mint_pesto)
SKK July 25, 2011
Our own Food52 chef panfusine http://www.food52.com/cooks/15156_panfusine has some incredible dishes, both and her blog http://www.panfusine.com/

Our Food 52 chef Sasha http://www.food52.com/cooks/16547_sasha_global_table_adventure

I know I am leaving some of Food52 talent out...I will keep thinking.

Marcus Samuelsson has some great recipes that may fit. http://marcussamuelsson.com/
JKF I. July 25, 2011
Go to foodandstyle.com. Viviane is a stellar vegetarian chef --- carnivores don't even notice there's no meat.
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