Vegetarian Asian recipes?

I recently discovered an awesome Asian market near my house. Love all Asian cuisines and dishes and looking for new recipes. I am vegetarian, but fish sauce, oyster sauce, etc is fair game.

I usually make spring rolls, red curry, green curry, tofu larb lettuce wraps and drunken noodles

  • Posted by: carlito
  • March 21, 2015


Nancy March 22, 2015
Not a recipe but some authors. Madhur Jaffrey on Indian vegetarian food (many) and that if all all Asia (one book). David Chang on Korea, fuchsia Dunlop on China, Louisa Shafia on Persian cooking. The last aren't exclusively vegetarian, but will show you key ingredients and procedures. with a store nearby, you can gradually explore many ingredients & then focus more in those you like best. Haven't cooked as much Japanese lately, but I remember liking Elizabeth Andoh, an American who lived cooked taught and wrote in Japan.
Pegeen March 21, 2015
Most of these stir-fry dishes are vegetarian:

You should also read the recent columns (articles) on wok cooking, published here, written by Grace Young (just do a search in Articles for “Grace Young”). Very helpful.
Alexandra V. March 21, 2015
Here is my mu shu veggies recipe, its filling and delicious.
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