Is it necessary to roast these peppers? They are so thin skinned, like a Scotch bonnet or habanero, why is it even needed? Is that a ghost pepp... in your photo? The ones I've seen are much longer and more narrow

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Ghost Pepper Lime Cheesecake
Recipe question for: Ghost Pepper Lime Cheesecake


Helen's A. July 26, 2011
Aha! That helps. Thank you! I love lime with habaneros. I'm sure the flavor is great with the ghost chilis, but I'm not willing to try anything that hot. I stop with Red Savinas.
jyoungs82 July 26, 2011
I have always just roasted mine for this recipe, but it probably isn't necessary. The ghost peppers I have been using are a little longer than a habanero. I couldn't find any photos from my runs at this recipe using the ghost peppers... so the pictures that I uploaded were my habanero version. The only difference being that I use two habanero's to this recipes one ghost. Either way the taste combination is pretty fantastic!
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