Gluten free tuiles?

I having some friends over for dinner on Saturday and 2 are GF. My vision for dessert is homemade spumoni with some tuiles. I'm sure either of them would be happy eating the ice cream, but if there's a way I could make the tuiles GF, I'd like to try--especially since there's so little flour in tuiles in the first place. I don't want a big thick clunky cookie--I like the idea of something light and crispy. Could I just grind up some oats or use rice flour?



susan G. July 26, 2011
I found this on the site -- it uses oats, so they would have to be gluten free, available from Bob's Red Mill.
sdebrango July 26, 2011
I found this recipe in food and wine, it only uses 1/3 cup flour and the rest almond very light, buttery and crispy.
sdebrango July 26, 2011
The tuiles recipe I have uses 2 cups almond flour and 1 cup AP flour, I'm sure you could substitute rice flour. You have to be careful with oats as I have heard not all oats are gluten free. Maybe some of our GF experts will weigh, but I think rice flour would be good.
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