What do you store your homemade ice cream in?

  • Posted by: LBurt
  • September 29, 2010


Savorykitchen September 29, 2010
I use the quart containers my yogurt comes in. We go through the home made stuff pretty quickly, so I don't have a problem with flavors leaking in, or with ice crystals. When I have to store it longer (couple weeks tops), I press saran, parchment or waxed paper over the ice cream to keep crystals from forming.
LBurt September 29, 2010
Thanks, it's actually http://www.sweetblisscontainers.com in case anyone else is looking. Those look great, especially if you want to share....but I'm pretty greedy with mine ;)
TiggyBee September 29, 2010
Sweet Bliss sells the best containers for homemade ice cream. They really keep the ice cream at the right consistency and I find that it's never gets too hard and keeps the ice crystals from forming. I think it's sweetbliss.com
drbabs September 29, 2010
I use OXO Good Grips polypropolene storage containers. They seal well and the ice cream stays fresh (although I must admit that it doesn't last long in my freezer).
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