What is the best method to making a whole wheat sourdough starter?

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sarabclever July 31, 2011
I agree; I only wanted to add that a lot of starter recipes lead you to believe that you will have a starter ready to go in 4 days. The first few times i tried a starter, this did not happen and I thought I had failed. In fact, it can take up to 10 days so just keep feeding it. Also, sometimes it will rise a lot in the first few days and then seem to peter out. There's nothing wrong; there is another organism (not yeast) that causes this and then it peters out and a few days later the yeast gets active. See this blog for a discussion: http://yumarama.com/blog/968/starter-from-scratch-intro/ Also, I have found that rye starters get active and ready much faster. You can always start with rye if you are nervous and once it's ready switch it over to whole wheat (just by feeding it with whole wheat instead of rye). Once you start making bread with sourdough you won't go back!
Hummusit July 31, 2011
Any recipe for starter works with whole wheat flour. Here are two: http://www.jansdough.com/Sourdough_Bread/StarterRecipe.html (with yeast)
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