What is/are the best brands of whole wheat pasta?

  • Posted by: DianneD
  • October 24, 2010


janehelen October 25, 2010
I'm a fan of Whole Foods 365 brand. Not heavy or "wheat-y". I also like Gia Russo (I may be off by a letter in there) for the same reasons.
prettyPeas October 25, 2010
I really like the flavor or Rustichella d'Abruzzo Farro pastas. They are quite expensive (over $5/pound), but are the only whole grain pasta I truly enjoy, rather than tolerate, or notice it is not that bad compared to the real thing.
mrslarkin October 24, 2010
None. They are all gross. Better off with a small portion of a premium brand of reg pasta. I think some are here in the food52 shop. Rustichella I think?
Mr_Vittles October 24, 2010
Barilla Plus is pretty good and can be found most easily.
latoscana October 24, 2010
Try Bionaturae, available at Whole Foods and similar places. It's not gritty or heavy. They claim it's because they dry the pasta slowly.
phyllis October 24, 2010
Here's a link to an article by Melissa Clark from the NYTimes. She did a taste test of some whole wheat pastas and makes her recommendations.

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