Order of foodpickle questions?

When I go to foodpickle to browse the questions, the default order in which they appear is the order in which they were last answered. It would make sense to me for the default display to be the order in which they were asked, particularly since my computer seems not to want to change the order of appearance when I click the "sort by" tab to choose "asked." Anyone else experiencing this problem? Or is my computer being weird again?

  • Posted by: Kayb
  • August 2, 2011


garlic&lemon August 9, 2011
Peter: I can't find the "asked/answered" toggle at all. I would use it if I could find it. I see "Ask A Question" "See All Questions", and "Search". I would definitely use the "unanswered" toggle if I could find that one, too. I also hate to see people not getting responses (aside from the boiling water questions from Whole Foods). I work on a Mac and use Firefox. Where are those tabs and toggles?
mrslarkin August 9, 2011
My "asked/answered" toggle is working now.

I occasionally check out the "unanswered" tab because i hate to see people not getting a response to their question.

Thanks Peter, as always, for your hard work!!
boulangere August 9, 2011
I tend to prefer the order asked, but that could be because that was the order being used when I first discovered food 52 and out curiosity about what on earth a foodpickle was, clicked on it. I still scroll through the questions and answers, especially if I've been away for a while, but honestly rarely get beyond the first page. I'm not sure if a working option to reorder them would be important to me. And I'm sorry to say I hadn't even noticed the Unanswered tab. But now that it's been pointed out, that's something interesting.
Peter August 9, 2011
All, so sorry to have missed this thread when it came up last week.

Indeed, we seem to have some problems with that "asked/answered" toggle on the Foodpickle. Honestly, it's used by SO few people, and we have so many bigger fish to fry in the upcoming weeks that we might have to remove it for a bit until we can make it a priority.

As long as I have all of you devoted 'Picklers I'd like to ask a question. Do any of you other than Susan G use the "Unanswered" tab? It's another aspect of the page that's used by SO few that we're thinking of removing it to simplify things overall.
susan G. August 6, 2011
I do think that the food52 computer whizzes have given us all the tools we need, and I'm liking the ordering now much more than previously. For me, the answered/asked switch works -- but not instantly, have to give it a bit of time (30 sec?). I use the no answers tab periodically, and I feel that we're getting access in the best way.
I agree with the discomfort (!) with silly and senseless questions. I wish people would be more specific and give more information in their questions. "Popular pickles" now is much better than it used to be (same questions for over a year?), but maybe popular should be a reflection of answers rather than views.
Peter and Co., thank you for letting us run amuck here! (Spell check doesn't like that, but I do!) ...and for the new edit -- I've used it already.
Frontalgirl August 4, 2011
I've avoided whining about new format for pickles because I hate to be thought of as a ...well, whiner. But I am NOT a fan of the new format. I want to read the most recently asked all the time, not most popular. And OH! Some of those Whole Foods questions make me wish ...well, never mind. I'll go away quietly now. I think I made my point known.
garlic&lemon August 4, 2011
I agree with mrslarkin's suggestion to replace the "popular pickles" with the "recently answered". I would like to see the "real" questions that have no answers and the most recently asked. Some of the ones that come from Whole Foods are just trying to be silly. I doubt that any of those questioners are waiting around for an answer, while other questions get lost in the pile-up.
mrslarkin August 2, 2011
I, too, would prefer the order in which they were asked.

Maybe we could have the "popular pickles" replaced with the "recently answered." I mean, "how to boil water" is pretty ridiculous. And "is my garlic press evil?" haha. well, yeah, if it's spitting pea soup. These pickles may be "popular" but are they essential?

My "sort by" doesn't work either.
susan G. August 2, 2011
I appreciate having the new FP order -- it keeps questions with lively discussions from being lost in time. Another option is unanswered questions -- that gives you a way not to lose sight of orphaned questions.
hardlikearmour August 2, 2011
They changed the default awhile back, but I agree with you about the order. Mine won't sort by asked either.
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