Help! For all of your nature people out there: who knows how to clean off the milk of fresh figs. I just came home with 3 kilos of beautiful fresh figs, on my way to make candied figs in syrup. I am covered in the astringent sticky milk. I have scrubbed and scrubbed, but my hands, arms, shoulders and hair are still a mess. Any advice?

  • Posted by: nogaga
  • August 8, 2011


nogaga August 8, 2011
Thank you! The oil solution worked, Panfusine, but only after the latex had left an ugly welt on the inside of my elbow. Goodness!
Panfusine August 8, 2011
Grease with oil,
the milk is related to latex, since the fig is a member of the rubber plant family. rub some mineral or olive oil onto the sap on the skin, rub in a circular motion, it should come right off!
usuba D. August 8, 2011
The milky substance is sugar from the fruit. I never remove it, just eat it. But if it bothers you, very hot water will dissolve it any you can wipe the rest off.
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