Recommendations for a candy thermometer

Hello helpful 52ers! I would like to purchase a candy/oil thermometer (I am dying to make ricotta but can't eyball 160 degrees!) and would love your recommendations. I was considering the Williams-Sonama digital thermometer (, but the reviews aren't so great. Do you think a digital thermometer is necessary? How hard to read and use is an older-style thermometer? Any recommendations, suggestions, and helpful tips are greatly appreciated!



CarlaCooks August 14, 2011
Thanks for your suggestions, sdebrango and sweetlolo. I borrowed a friend's non-digital (analog? hehe) candy thermometer and used it last night. My husband, my kitchen, and I are all safe... no explosions, no wild mercury running loose in the apartment. I'll buy my own soon. Thanks again for your help!
sweetlolo August 10, 2011
I've posted before recommending the thermometer you've linked to. I have a small candy company and have used that one for years - doesn't fog up, easy to read, very accurate and the clip it comes with holds it securely on the pot. It's also very durable. Mine has lasted through many drops and splashes. Just don't immerse it in water which I did by accident once and had to get a new one. You may want to shop around though - the same thermomenter is listed in Amazon right now for about $20.
sdebrango August 10, 2011
I love my polder thermometer its not the digital, but the old fashioned one. They last forever and I believe it to be very accurate use it for candy, custards deep fry. I think its one of the best. I think I got it from Bakers Catalog.
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