Q: Do kale chips store well? I usually eat them right away, but I'd like to make a big batch for the weekend.



Glenda,Collard June 1, 2013
I dehydrated my kale chips then stored them in a mason jar sealed with a vacuum sealer. They stayed good for the two weeks they lasted.
Athena103181 February 8, 2013
Store them in a ziplock bag with a Tbsp or 2 or uncooked rice. Rice is natures dehumidifier. Also keeps salt from getting lumpy in the shaker lol.
KellyH702 December 19, 2012
The drier they are before you roast them is key! I use a salad spinner to really get the water off the leaves I store them in a paper bag. They never last more than a day or two though!
chef O. July 13, 2012
They never last long enough to store in my house - lol

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chef O. April 4, 2012
They do not store well for more than a couple of days. Best to make them and eat them same day/next day
foodfighter October 18, 2010
As someone who has stored them improperly, I can say that drying them very well is key. i would also say that I have the best results when stored in a brown paper bag (but would suggest finishing them in a couple of days tops. Not that hard to finish them.
Kristen M. October 15, 2010
I think if you dry them really well before roasting (assuming you're roasting them) so that they come out very dry and crackly, as long as it's not terribly humid they'd keep well tightly sealed at room temp for a few days.
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