What is the benefit or purpose of using unfiltered olive oil.

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pierino August 13, 2011
That total donut hole Rachael Ray said she was asked what extra virgin means, and she said, "that just means it's unfiltered". It's hard to imagine a more ignorant answer. Personally I'm a skeptic with regard to any benefit from unfiltered oil, and I have watched olive oil being made in the wilds of Umbria. And I now live in an olive producing "terroir". To be certified as extra virgin there needs to be measurable level of acidity and to be DOC the olives must be local.
sexyLAMBCHOPx August 13, 2011
Unfiltered olive oil is also different with its appearance (dark green); looks cloudy because it has fruit particles on the bottom of the bottle - similiar to pulp in orange juice. Many say it has better or more pronounced fruity or peppery taste. Careful though, unfiltered olive oil will eventually ferment, and look on the bottle for a expiration date, so use quickly. It's best use in my opinion is drizzling overy brushetta, roasted vegetables, eggs or tossed with pasta or used to did bread in.
susan G. August 12, 2011
Any unfiltered oil supposedly has more nutrients, and appeals to people who want less processing. More done, something is missing.
walevitt August 12, 2011
Unfiltered has a fuller, stronger flavor. I like to put a little on right before I serve a dish for that spicy olive oil flavor.
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