Out of olive oil!

Great. I have everything in the house ready for Irene and I realize I don't have enough olive oil!
I have vegetable oil, canola oil and even sesame oil....
Whats the worst that could happen by using one of those in place of olive oil... other than complete and utter shame....

Lucia from Madison


susan G. August 27, 2011
Is your sesame oil roasted (toasted) or not? The toasted oil is a definitive taste, the other can be used for just about anything and has a "mild flavor and high smoking point." (according to my reference)
SKK August 27, 2011
Here in the west we have our fingers and toes crossed and sending blessings to our east coast partners! Good-night, Irene!
sdebrango August 27, 2011
I agree with everyone just want to wish you best of luck, I am also waiting for Irene to come and then pass.
mensaque August 27, 2011
Try the India way and fry your spices on a very hot pan with the sesame oil than lower the heat and add your main ingredients.All the way from Brazil wishing you're well while Irene passes.
CarlaCooks August 27, 2011
Power through the storm with some home-made mayonaisse, which doesn't use olive oil. If you make an especially large batch (3 plus egg yolks) and don't have electricity, you won't notice the storm over the sounds and efforts of whisking :) You can also fry/saute most things in non-olive oils, mixed with a bit of butter for taste. Enjoy, and stay safe with Irene!
Lucia F. August 27, 2011
I could live on bread with dipping oil! Thanks for the help. Must get cooking now while we still have power!
wssmom August 27, 2011
Vegetable oil and canola oil would work for sauteeing, and Panfusine is right, a bit of sesame oil rocks for salads!
Panfusine August 27, 2011
unless you're referring to EVOO and are planning to live exclusively on salad or bread with dipping oil... don't fret... Use the canola for sauteeing, & sesame oil makes for a flavorful oil for dressings!
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