Powdered sugar tastes off

Ever find that your powdered sugar has a soapy taste and any idea why this would be the case? I;ve noticed it particularly with one brand, but I'm not sure it's brand-specific. Thanks.

  • Posted by: ATG117
  • August 14, 2011


Addie O. March 26, 2019
I experienced the same thing! I thought I was going crazy. It was a cheaper brand so I guess it could be the corn starch, but I've never tasted anything like it before. Tasted terrible!
mrslarkin August 14, 2011
i mean not sure why it would taste soapy! cornstarch is anti-caking, like Grenstuff said, making the 10x fluffy and light.
mrslarkin August 14, 2011
Powdered sugar contains cornstarch. Not sure why, but maybe that's the culprit? Curious what the ingredients are in that one particular brand.
Greenstuff August 14, 2011
Powdered sugars have anti-caking agents. It wouldn't surprise me if they varied enough between brands that you could detect them.
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