A question about a recipe: 1975 Dick Taeuber’s Brandy Alexander Pie

I have a question about step 6 on the recipe "1975 Dick Taeuber’s Brandy Alexander Pie" from amanda. It says:

"Beat the egg whites until stiff, then add the remaining sugar and beat until the peaks are firm. Fold the meringue into the thickened mixture."



Abby June 15, 2013
Use pasteurized egg whites (like Egg Beaters)
Amanda H. August 14, 2011
Yes, the yolks for sure can be brought to a safe temperature but wasn't aware of a whites substitute. Thanks for your input.
hardlikearmour August 14, 2011
@amanda: I've used the pasteurized dried egg whites to whip up for making buttercream, and they whip up nicely. If the yolk mixture is brought up to 165º F or higher, most Salmonella bacteria will be killed.
hardlikearmour August 14, 2011
You can buy egg white powder, which you reconstitute with water.
You can also buy the freshest eggs possible, but there will still be a small risk of Salmonella. The estimate is that 1 in 20,000 eggs is contaminated with Salmonella.
Amanda H. August 14, 2011
I don't know of any precaution you can take in this kind of recipe. If you are at all worried, I wouldn't make it.
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