What to do with all my jalepenos.

I have a garden full of volunteer jalepenos. More than I can ever eat, is freezing the best way to preserve them or is there a good way to pickle them?



clintonhillbilly September 14, 2011
Have a party and make jalapeno poppers :)
petitbleu September 14, 2011
Homemade chipotles in adobo! We have a smoker, so we smoked our red jalapenos (we didn't dry them--I like them a little meaty), but you can also jury-rig a kettle grill to smoke them:

Then, simply follow this recipe:


I added extra garlic and toasted and ground cumin, coriander, and oregano. Good luck! We're swamped with jalapenos too.
catcarr47 September 14, 2011
I can them. I found out you can also can salsa. I will try that next year. I saw a thing on tv to chop them up put them in ice cube trays, and fill with water, freeze. They say they will be good when thawed.
Sam1148 August 14, 2011
I posted last night about pepper suggestions a few threads down.

Slit the sides put them in bottles (A shaker top if you have it) and pour hot white vinegar over them. Not to make pickled peppers but to use the vinegar on cooked veggies. Ignore it a month or more before use--it keeps at room temp fine.
It's ubiquitous in the southern USA, used on greens like collards, kale, mustard greens etc, and on black eyed peas. New Years Eve greens are not the same without it.

This might a good time to find some nice bottles and make Christmas gifts.
LLStone August 14, 2011
I also like dehydrating them. I slice them up, throw them on the dehydrator, and use them in spice blends in a grinder, soups, or anything that needs some heat. They'll keep in a tight jar or vac-packed in the freezer.
mainecook61 August 14, 2011
They freeze perfectly. Cut them in strips. (Use rubber gloves!) Use them all winter without defrosting, whenever you need a hot pepper.
Emily H. August 14, 2011
I love simple pickled jalapenos. They're great in stir-fry, chili, soup, etc all winter. http://www.foodinjars.com/2010/08/unfancy-pickled-jalapeno-peppers/
pierino August 14, 2011
I'm now thinking of incorporating jalapenos into Aretha Frankenstein's waffles of insane greatness, and making them still more insane. "It's alive!"
wssmom August 14, 2011

I tested apartmentcooker's recipe for hot pepper jelly, betting it would be great with green jalapenos as well as red ones!
Dona August 14, 2011
They are very easy to can. Here's a good how-to.
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