" Any suggestions for how I might modify this recipe if I (unfortunately) have to make it without the cream? Thanks in advance!



lechef August 15, 2011
If lactose intolerance is the issue, I would just omit the cream and substitute in some extra olive oil as your "sauce". Another idea, and I have never tried this so I don't know how well it would work, would be to take the "roux" method I described above and substitute Lactaid milk. Flour, olive oil, and lactaid might work for you.
bk_novice August 15, 2011
thanks, all, for your replies. the reason that I don't want to use cream is bc my husband doesn't tolerate dairy/lactose very well. when you three say "use a stock," I wonder: what *kind* of stock and how much? (forgive me--note the "novice" in my username.)
lechef August 15, 2011
Hi bk_novice,
I would first start by asking what your reasons for not using cream are. If it is for fat content, and not for another dietary reason (veganism...which I assume is not the case if you are keeping the prosciutto) you can make it healthier in a couple of way. 1) you can substitute "fat free half and half" for the cream. Fat free half and half is basically thickened fat free milk. It won't be quite the same, but it will be much healthier. If you cook ffhh for too long though it will clump and separate, so be careful with that. Another method for creating a good cream stock is to use a little butter (or margarine) with some flour to create a roux, and then use milk or skim milk to create a sauce. Otherwise...use a stock!
wssmom August 14, 2011
Yes, boulangere is right, a good stock will work well. If you feel the need to thicken it a bit beforehand with a bit of cornstarch, that wouldn't be bad either.
boulangere August 14, 2011
Use a good stock instead.
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