I cannot find snap peas anywhere! Can I use sugar peas as a substitute? Or am I better off using frozen peas? Thank you!

Meagan Cole


PazzoNico August 7, 2014
Fava beans would be great, too. Or even edamame. Both can be found frozen if need be.
cookinginvictoria August 7, 2014
I've made this wonderful recipe with all manner of peas, asparagus, even green beans. It is a very adaptable and forgiving dish. Sugar peas, frozen peas or perhaps a mix of the two should be delicious. Hope that you enjoy it!
Elisabeth August 7, 2014
I think that sugar peas would be too sweet for a savory recipe like this, but I think that frozen peas would work just fine. You can even try a little of both to see if you like it; then, if you make it again, you will know which flavor profile you prefer.
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