What can I substitute for sherry that isn't alcohol based?



ChefJune August 15, 2011
Flat Dr. Pepper closely resembles the flavor profile of fino sherry. Who knew?

My BIL is a recovering alcoholic, and my sis doesn't keep any alcohol in the house. I tried the Dr. Pepper on an old treasured recipe of our mom's and Voila! it worked.
Meatballs&Milkshakes August 15, 2011
You're better off using chicken stock or water than something like vinegar, which can change the taste of the dish.
natanya August 15, 2011
Natanya here - the question asker. I am making a crockpot turkey lettuce wrap filling. The sherry is part of the sauce that goes into the pot with the ground turkey. The sherry is used to deglaze the pan but I can't cook with it. I was trying to decide of stock would be acidic enough or if I'd need to to try something like cider vinegar.
lorigoldsby August 15, 2011
if you let us know what dish you are making, we may be able to give you some better/specific advice. If you are using the sherry to deglaze a pan...well then you can substitute a matching stock of your protein (chicken, beef, seafood, etc.) if you are making a vinagrette and its calling for a sherry vinegar...that would be a different recommendation.
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