I just got a big container of cheese curds! What can I make with them?



sexyLAMBCHOPx August 15, 2011
Ahh, cheese curds. Brings back amazing memories of my youth wandering around Quebec with friends, while sampling various Poutines and libations.

I have yet to find anyone who makes fresh cheese curds in CT. I would definetly do the poutine route but understand how fat saturated it is. Intrigued for other uses, I did a quick search and didn't find many, um, just actually one. Here's it is from Emeril Lagasse - that is NOT fried, smothered in gravy, or contain potatoes!.


This was interesting to know as well about cheese curds:
Curds are pieces of fresh, young cheddar cheese. The shape of cheese curds is the natural random shape and form of cheese before it is processed into blocks and aged. The blocked and aged form is the form that most people are familiar with purchasing in the supermarket. Cheese curds are different from the aged kind of cheese because they must be eaten within a few days. They also lose their tastiness if refrigerated. After a few days, the cheese curds will turn dry and salty.

It may be difficult to purchase curds in a place where there is not a cheese manufacturer. After twelve hours, the curds will have lost most of their unique flavor. At this point, they are still edible, just not as good as they would be otherwise. There aren’t any shipping methods that are fast enough to deliver cheese curds in a timely enough manner.

I found a "tip" from a website:

1. Zap 'Em: Here's a trick my coworkers and I love to share- put some curds on a plate and zap them in the microwave for 5 to 10 seconds. This makes your curds soft, gooey, and extra squeaky!

Hurry & eat those suckers fast!

amysarah August 15, 2011
Oh, they still squeak when battered and fried. Just ask anyone in Wisconsin, land of the fried cheese curd - late at night, with a cold beer. Hot, salty, crispy, squeaky.
ichibanhapa August 15, 2011
Thanks guys! I definitely love poutine (although my waistline does not agree unfortunately) so I might try this. Would love to see some non-poutine suggestions if anyone has any!
wssmom August 15, 2011
You both beat me to it as I was typing LOL!
wssmom August 15, 2011
There's poutine, which are french fries topped with cheese curds and brown gravy. I am given to understand sometimes they are battered and deep-fried. But I think you miss out on the "squeak" if you do that!
ChefJune August 15, 2011
You beat me to it, totalnoms. Poutine was the first thing I thought of when I saw this question!
totalnoms August 15, 2011
My absolute favorite dish with cheese curds is poutine- a quebecois french fry dish. Certainly NOT the healthiest of snacks, but definitely one of the most comforting. Start with warm french fries (any style, I bet even sweet potato fries could be good), drizzle with scrumptious brown gravy, and sprinkle with cheese curds. YUM!
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