i want to make a frittata for breakfast. is it possible to refridgerate and reheat it? whats is the best way?



seabirdskitchen August 17, 2011
I am not excited about reheating the cheese. If I were to make this thing and reheat it, I would add the cheese during the reheating process.

However, served at room temp - yum! But then (at least for me) no cheese. Not anti cheese, just anti melted/congealed cheese
sarabclever August 17, 2011
I agree--I don't see why you couldn't mix all the components and refridgerate the night before. I guess it woudl take a little bit longer to cook in the end, but not terribly much longer. And room temperature Spanish tortilla is the best!
Sam1148 August 16, 2011
By the time a cold firttata reheats through in the oven. You could have made one fresh if you have the components chopped, mixed and ready to go in the morning.
You could precook the veggie elements and that would be fine.
So just store the elements in Tupperware in the fridge. Beat some eggs and put them in jar..ready to shake and go.
Heat up a pan and put them in, and broil it to finish. Bonus, you make another and another for few days if you're doing them small for breakfast food.

And for days you don't want frittata..the elements can be used for quick omelet or egg scamble.
nishis August 16, 2011
My favorite thing about frittatas is that they are make-ahead! By all means, make your frittata, but leave it in the pan before refrigerating (or leaving on the counter). To reheat, just pop your pan in the oven at 325 (F). If you're using cheese, wait until reheating to add it.
student E. August 16, 2011
i'm with pierino that the frittata will not get better in the fridge. but that said, it can be reheated. i would suggest making sure none of the veg you add are too watery, to avoid a watery frittata when you reheat it. the other options: prep and cook ahead everything you are going to add to the frittata and then add the eggs and cook it right before eating. good luck!
amysarah August 16, 2011
I actually prefer frittata at room temp.(Spanish tortillas too.)

It's often served that way on a sandwich in Italy. In Venice especially, practically every wine bar and/or caffe has a stack of them on the counter. Just take it out of the fridge long enough before eating, so it's not cold, or warm it just a few minutes to take the chill off without drying it out.
pierino August 16, 2011
Refrigeration is not going to improve it. But as Usuba Dashi said, you can hold it at room temperature for awhile. Frittata is usually made to order, and quick and not complicated so there's hardly a point in making it a day ahead. BTW one of my chef friends as this ingenious method for making tortillas which I'm not disclosing right now.
usuba D. August 16, 2011
Yes. In fact, in Spain you go into bars and restaurants everywhere and can enjoy a tortilla (Spanish version of frittata) that was cooked hours ago, just sitting out on the counter ready to eat.
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