I intend to make these as an entree. Do you recommend two per plate? And any other hints about making the packages? We will be 10 at dinner....

...Thanks in advance

  • Posted by: SKK
  • August 16, 2011


SKK August 16, 2011
@ChezSuzanne, are you kidding? Thank you for the recipe and the instructions! And I love your red pepper jam is getting the appreciation it deserves!
TheWimpyVegetarian August 16, 2011
Depending on what else you're serving, I would go with either 2 or 3 per plate. The key to these little guys is to not overfill them. You'll know almost immediately if you do because the shrimp and corn filling will want to squeeze out when you fold them if they're too overfilled. Better to go with less filling per tamale and have more tamales than the other way around. And be patient with the first couple while you get the feel of folding them; after the first couple, it goes pretty quickly. Please let me know how it all goes with you!! And thanks so much for making these!!!
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