Chicken and cashews...can I substitute peanuts?

I found a recipe that looks great for chicken and cashews.
It mentions that you can add mushrooms instead of (or in addition to) the cashews. It was my plan to add both.
But I forgot to buy cashews.
I have dry roasted peanuts in the house.
Do you think they would make a good substitution for the cashews?
It's a recipe that's similar to the chinese food of the same name.
It mentions soaking the cashews. So I'm wondering if I can just soak the peanuts and use them in place.

What are your thoughts?

  • Posted by: mishale
  • August 18, 2011


Nate T. October 3, 2011
When we were observing cooks in China while researching our cookbook, time after time we saw cooks treat stir-frying as an open creative process and improvise ingredients when their pantry was lacking. Yes you can definitely sub in the peanuts! Actually, peanuts are a super common ingredient in Chinese cooking--more so than cashews.
Author Comment
That what cooking is about!!! If you don't have an onion but there is an old leek hanging around then Ka-Pow your covered. If you are out of lemon juice, but you have an some interesting vinegar or even a grapefruit then Ka-Pow your covered. I love that you are cooking from your pocket. A nut is pretty interchangeable with it's cousins. Keep up the good work.
gigiaxline August 18, 2011
Sure, then you can always think of it as a modified kung-pao, which has peanuts!
mishale August 18, 2011
Thank you,that's great :)

boulangere August 18, 2011
I sub peanuts all the time because of a nut allergy. Go right ahead.
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