Making a mushroom barley soup and no dry sherry in the house... any good substitution ideas?



AEC October 21, 2010
Port would be great. If you don't have any, get some to keep in the cabinet for cooking and apres dinner sipping. So much tastier than sherry, in my book.
mrslarkin October 21, 2010
I'd go sub with dry vermouth or wine.
Mr_Vittles October 21, 2010
Any fortified wine should suffice. It won;t be exactly the same, but unless you are a supertaster there should not be any problems.
iuzzini October 21, 2010
Recently made mushroom barley soup and used white wine as a stand -in. I also tossed in a parmesan rind (as I do with most soups :) - ln the end the soup had all kinds of flavor and depth!
Savour October 21, 2010
Hmm, vermouth, marsala, white wine, red wine, brandy, or balsamic vinegar. All of which I have in my house, but I don't know about yours!
Jon P. October 21, 2010
Just think about the characteristics of a dry sherry and match it with whatever is closest in your home.
Jon P. October 21, 2010
If the problem is that there's no sherry in the house, I'm assuming you don't want to leave the house to get the substitute, because you could just get sherry then!

What kinds of booze do you have laying around?
nutcakes October 21, 2010
I just omit it in that case. Sherry really adds a subtle interesting flavor. Trader Joe's has decent dry sherry at low price. But the vinegar sounds like a good little perk up.
rwheat October 21, 2010
How about port? Brandy or dry red would probably work too.
Sadassa_Ulna October 21, 2010
My husband always uses a little balsamic vinegar when there is no sherry for his soup...
pierino October 21, 2010
In the house? Well marsala would work, but then you would have to shop for that too.
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