What's the name of protein from a rodent?

Ok, I know this sounds like a fake question, but it's not. I'm trying to remember a word that is used to describe protein from a rodent. It's a strange word and I'm not making this up. :-) Anyone know what I'm thinking of? It's like "lutien" or something (but that's not it...).

  • Posted by: pnoeric
  • August 20, 2011


pnoeric August 22, 2011
Yeah, I think "nutria" is what I was thinking of. Not exactly a rat, but close enough :-) Thanks all for the great answers/talk.
susan G. August 22, 2011
Pnoeric, can we hear from you? Is that it?
I figured that the rodent connection was enough to shift the memory, and hormone/protein -- a major difference, but both show up in weight loss protocols.
Greenstuff August 22, 2011
Leptin might be what pnoeric was thinking of, but it's not "protein from a rodent." We have leptin as well. And while some may be, not humans are rats...
susan G. August 22, 2011
Found it! Leptin (from the Greek word Leptos -- meaning thin)/ Orchestrates the use of fats to help the body: Accelerate fat breakdown, Control appetite and sweet cravings, Promote fat loss, Regulate pituitary and thyroid functions, Influence fat cell size.
That's from the label of a weight loss formula.
It is a hormone, and the rodent connection was that studies done ended with "sleek rats" if memory serves me. It was popular about 10 years ago, and I don't know what the current status is, but there are lots of search results for it.
amysarah August 21, 2011
Sorry - no idea about the word for rodent meat, but to answer aargersi:

Rabbits are not classified as rodents. They're lagomorphs (sp?) - which I shockingly recall from 3rd or 4th grade, when we had a pet bunny in our classroom. (No one ate him. As far as I know ;)
aargersi August 21, 2011
Can't find it! Did come across some nutria recipes though. Rabbit is a rodent too right??
suitablegirl August 21, 2011
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