Copper preserving pan

I'm thinking of (finally) investing in a copper preserving pan. Any recommendations for size and brand would be helpful. Thanks!

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jjoun August 26, 2011
I have a pot rack, so storage isn't a problem. It's more the space the jam pan takes up on the stove, especially when I'm using multiple burners.

As for the advanced class in flavorings, that's terrific. Just the kind of thing I'd like to do but I'm off in Colorado so no June Taylor or Blue Chair Fruit classes for me unless I plan a vacation around them.
AntoniaJames August 24, 2011
I store mine, in the heavy plastic bag in which it came, on the shelf on which I store my wok and super large skillet and lid. The wok sits in the copper pan and the skillet sits in the wok. I have a tiny kitchen, so nesting everything is second nature here. If I could, I'd hang a pot rack for all my copper and this would be center stage. jjoun, I actually won an advanced class in flavorings at Blue Chair Fruit at a fun event they had there recently. (They're space is about a five minute drive from me.) ;o)
jjoun August 24, 2011
That's the pan (manufacturer and size) that the recipes in the "Blue Chair Jam Cookbook" reference. I have been preserving from this book all year to great effect. Much like Christine Ferber's book, it's full of interesting fruit combinations and ingredients. While my All Clad 8 quart stock pot and Le Creuset dutch oven do the trick, I bought myself the Mauviel for a birthday present last month. It's gorgeous but takes up a lot of room.
Helen's A. August 24, 2011
AntoniaJames August 24, 2011
Mauviel standard size (not the large commercial one). It's about 14 inches wide and has an 11.5 quart capacity. Without question, it's one of the best investments in cookware that's ever been made in this household. (I'd say, "that I've ever made," but mine was a gift from my sons and Mr. T.) And it's gorgeous!!. I cannot imagine making jam and putting up blueberries in the quantity that I did this summer without it. ;o)
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