Is it safe to make chutney in a Mauviel copper preserves pan? I wonder about the acidity reacting with the unlined copper. ;o)

But then, I wonder if the amount of sugar used in the chutney might make a difference. I made a blueberry chutney the other day that had a fair bit of vinegar, but also quite a lot of sugar, for a chutney, that is. (It seemed almost like a sharp jam, when all was said and done.) What do you think? Thanks, everyone. ;o)



ChefOno June 26, 2012

It doesn’t take much acidity to leach copper from the pot. Or salt for that matter.

bugbitten June 26, 2012
I agree that you could be risking both your chutney and a fine pan. It may not happen right away, but think of those blue-green stains you seen in sinks -- thanks to small amounts of acid in the water supply flowing through the copper pipes.
SallyBroff June 26, 2012
Chutney should be made in a nonreactive pan.
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