Anyone have a recommendation for a favorite pressure canner/cooker?

  • Posted by: iuzzini
  • October 18, 2010


ody October 19, 2010
For regular pressure cooking, Europe has the best model---you can get them in stainless steel, and the sealing system is simple and efficient, with just one thing to turn. (I can't say how well they'd work for canning: they don't tend to come in the squat shape that would accommodate lots of jars at a time.) I'd recommend the SEB cocotte minute authentique inox. How I wish you could buy them in the States...
iuzzini October 19, 2010
The All-American does look incredibly sturdy- in fact, I live in Indiana so it could probably double as a tornado shelter. :) I can't wait to can stock/soup!
Christina W. October 19, 2010
I'm going to second the All-American!

By strange coincidence, I know the family that owns the All-American company. I can assure you first hand that they are devoted to manufacturing a high-quality product. They also support the product with easy access to replacement parts.

I bought mine at an estate sale and it works great. And the folks at All-American went out of their way to get me new seals. They're also planning on increasing their web support for canners and cooks. Look for more how-tos and recipes in the new year. (I'm going to tell Ben to hop to it now that I spilled the beans on foodpickle!)
foodfighter October 18, 2010
Talked to someone that is in the commercial artisan canning business. They recommended the following. The best prices are available through Amazon. The brand is All-American. This link is for the 15.5 quart version, but they have a range of sizes. These things have been described as built like tanks. This size can do 10 pint jars or 7 quart jars.
iuzzini October 18, 2010
Thanks Verdigris! How many jars can you do at one time in there?
Verdigris October 18, 2010
Presto 23 Qt. Even full I can maneuver it safely. Use a three piece weight versus a dial gauge. Its just easier to monitor by sound than by having to view a gauge.
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