A question about a recipe: Plum Avocado Summer Salad

I have a question about the ingredient "dried red chili pepper" on the recipe "Plum Avocado Summer Salad" from Lena S..

Plum Avocado Summer Salad
Recipe question for: Plum Avocado Summer Salad


Lena S. August 27, 2011
I used the type Amanda describes, - dried whole red chillies- that I usually buy from the regular supermarket and agree - you could also try dried red pepper flakes. If you have some Mexican or Indian markets nearby, they will definitely have a selection of dried chillies and I'm sure most varieties would work well here....Hope you can find something that works to give a bit of a kick.
lastnightsdinner August 27, 2011
I've used dried chile de arbol in this recipe with good results. Our local Mexican market always has them, and I've also ordered them from Rancho Gordo. Enjoy the salad - it's one of our favorite discoveries from food52!
Amanda H. August 27, 2011
We used a small narrow variety that was 1 to 2 inches in length. If you don't have whole dried red chilies, you can also start with a pinch of dried red pepper flakes, and add more to taste.
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