I made this cake but somehow it has this unpleasant bitter taste which I suspect is the extra virgin olive oil I used. Did you use just normal...

...olive oil?
Also just want to make sure the baking soda is the bi-carb soda ya? Or is it suppose to be baking powder?
Thank you

Grown-Up Birthday Cake
Recipe question for: Grown-Up Birthday Cake


Amanda H. August 29, 2011
Hope so -- thanks for your patience and persistence!
Saccharine August 29, 2011
Thanks Amanda, I thought it would be the olive oil, I'll try again with the regular olive oil next, I'm sure it'll turn out well:)
Amanda H. August 29, 2011
Yes, baking soda. The bitterness may have come from the olive oil. We, too, used extra virgin and didn't have any issue but olive oils vary tremendously. Using regular olive oil next time would be a safer bet. Or you could use a vegetable oil if you want to eliminate any risk. Sorry you had an issue -- it really is delicious when there's no bitterness!
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