Crock pot issues

I just got a crock pot....but I've never used one before! I purchased a small one. It's just 3 quarts. My first dish that I'm tackling is a chicken dish. It calls to chop up the chicken to bite size pieces and then submerge it in liquid. Since the crock pot is small, does it matter that all of the chicken will not touch the bottom surface? I mean, it will cook evenly, since it'll be on low for so long, right? I know this may seem silly, but I'm having a guest over that evening and don't want to look like the only person in the world that can't use one of these things.

  • Posted by: skittle
  • September 4, 2011


CrockPotKing September 6, 2011
Your doing fine!!! Remember when your dealing with chix, I agree with WSSMOM, there full proof. And if you want to make your life easier, just go boneless. If you have a chance go to , a lot of recipes & videos, and plane help. And it's awesome if your a person on the go!!!
student E. September 4, 2011
i concur with wssmom -- really hard to go wrong with the crockpot! i think you'll be fine =)
wssmom September 4, 2011
They're pretty foolproof if you are following a recipe for a slow cooker. The chicken need not be touching the bottom of the crockpot as the heat is evenly distributed throughout. Good luck and I am sure it will turn out great!
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