What's a good liquid to add? I'm making crock pot pork chops with some sliced apples.

I dont want to add water or apple juice... Some of my other ingredients are onions and brown sugar. What liquid might be a tasty addition?



missnewjersey August 15, 2012
I'll be baking cookies most of the day, so I've decided to sacrifice my B vitamins for convenience. I agree that it doesn't always produce the juiciest pork, but this is what's easiest for the particular day. I love pork and sauerkraut, but I want to go a different route. Great suggestions so far though!
Sam1148 August 15, 2012
Some good rye bread and soft butter would be a good addition to the meal for rye bread. For rye bread I use a local bakery..I can never really get rye bread down at home.
Sam1148 August 15, 2012
Am I the only one here that really hates crock pot stuff. To me they just suck all the texture and flavor out of chicken and pork chops. Also crock pots destroy B vitamins.

But I'd go with the suggestion of sauerkraut..some caraway seeds would be nice with that.
Ian M. August 15, 2012
Just add some chicken stock and let the pork chops and calvados shine.
Reiney August 15, 2012
Calvados / apple brandy, chicken stock, white wine, apricot nectar, plums or pears, mustard <-- any combination of those. Or you could go another way and do a milk braise with sage. Either way make sure to brown off the pork & deglaze with one of the liquids to get that flavour into the sauce!
lorigoldsby August 15, 2012
You could try a nice German beer, sour kraut ( with the liquid) or apple cider. Most canned/boxed broths are just flavored salt water...
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