Menu of butternut squash ravioli and cherry stuffed pork loin. Any good dessert ideas?



innoabrd October 24, 2010
I bought a Gaggia with its own compressor and love it. The kind with the insert you have to put in the freezer just never worked all that well for me. Admittedly, a luxury (though not really that expensive in the US; bought mine in Europe where everything costs more!), but means making ice creams, etc. is really easy and something I readily do for company now.
foodfighter October 24, 2010
Thanks for all the answers. I ended up making the ravioli in a brown butter sauce. The filling for the pork loin was not as sweet, with just notes of cherry. Also, our friends made dessert with his 4 and 2 year old to bring over, and wouldn't let me take care of dessert. However, the sorbets and biscotti ideas jumped out at me. Might be time to pick up an ice cream maker.
innoabrd October 22, 2010
I'm with AntoniaJames on this. Even ice cream sounds just too rich to me. A good nartje (as clementines are known here in South Africa) sherbet has become my go-to dessert after a rich meal. I use teh Joy of Cooking Orange Sherbet recipe as a base. Milk, nartje juice and zest, some lemon juice and sugar. That's it. Simple and refreshing.
mrslarkin October 21, 2010
that's a heavy meal. I'd go with a light dessert. I like the sorbet and cookies idea. Maybe a thin clove cookie. Saw a recipe on a blog very recently but can't remember which one! Or the poached pears. A nice sauce on top. With whipped cream of course.
iuzzini October 21, 2010
lemon yogurt cake! I am obsessed with this!
Savour October 21, 2010
Maybe a ginger ice cream? Or a gingerbread with a lemon glaze -- a nice fall theme, and not too sweet.
AntoniaJames October 21, 2010
Clementine sorbet (made with lots of zest, and perhaps a touch of dry champagne) with a very light cookie dipped in dark chocolate. Or, I'd just do seasonal fruits, with some simple, not-too-rich cheeses, e.g., Bel Paese, for anyone up for it. ;o)
mklug October 21, 2010
I agree with those who've said that you're not going to want anything sweet (although the menu so far looks great to me!)...I'm thinking either small portions of bittersweet chocolate mousse or else the old pour-espresso-over-vanilla-ice-cream bit (if it's a good quality vanilla ice cream and thus not tooth-achey). Or something amaretto-y.
drbabs October 21, 2010
I'm a fan of Mary's lemon tart as well as Kelsey's cookies, but I think something lighter is called for with this heavy a meal. How about a sorbet (apple comes to mind.)? Maybe with some biscotti and coffee?
Hilarybee October 21, 2010
I like the idea of bittersweet chocolate cookies served with coffee or tea.
rpenovich October 21, 2010
How about KelseyTheNaptimeChef's double chocolate espresso cookies? Serve them with delicious fresh coffee. Sort of a wakeup for the tastebuds after the lush butternut pasta and the fruit-stuffed pork.
nutcakes October 21, 2010
Too sweet (ish) courses make me think a salad and cheese course would be nice after. Or a light dessert of poached pear and gingersnaps. But the lemon tart sounds so good. I love lemon tart. But to be lazier, I'd use a press in type of crust. Really you can do anything you want, what do you like? Chocolate custart tart? I'd only avoid pumpkin or cherry pie so as not to repeat flavors.
dymnyno October 21, 2010
Even though it is my recipe I would agree with aagersi. When I read the question (before I saw her answer) my first thought was that it is such a sweet rich meal, something a little less sweet, something light would be perfect. Something like almond cookies would be nice too.
aargersi October 21, 2010
Lazy Mary's Lemon Tart - it is SO good, and the Meyer's are showing back up, and best of all it is easy!! Also a nice light tart / sweet follow up to a rich-ish dinner ..
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