How long to roast a 4lb stuffed pork loin?

I am making a 4lb stuffed pork loin roast (a combination of recipes). It calls to grill it but I am planning on roasting. Suggestions on how long and at what temp? 350 degrees at 20 min a pound?



pierino December 24, 2012
It's better to ask "to what internal temperature". With an instant read thermometer that should be 140F. The reason is that no two ovens are calibrated exactly the same, and I don't care what it say's on the oven dial. It's done "when it's done". My pal and unindicted Food52 consiprator ChefOno and myself both agree on that principle. Weight to time is a good starting point for having the beast out on time but the internal temp is critical.
Merrill S. December 24, 2012
Yes, that sounds right -- I'd maybe consider cooking it at 375 for better browning, and start checking it at an hour just to be sure you don't overcook it.
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