If I cook chicken dumplings/wontons in a spicy broth will they come out spicy?

I am making dinner for my family and my husband and I love spicy but the 4yr old not so much. I want to avoid making two separate dumpling fillings so I was wondering if cooking half of them in chili spiked broth would do the trick or should I make two different fillings? (all the broth will have kefir lime, ginger and garlic for flavor). Thanks

Couldn't Be Parve


Couldn't B. September 12, 2011
Thanks everyone. I ended up adding chili to half of the filling and just cooking the plain ones separately. Problem solved.
Sam1148 September 12, 2011
Get a bottle of Sriracha sauce...and add that your and husbands bowls on demand.
EmilyC September 12, 2011
I agree with nutcakes...I doubt if the spicy broth will impart that much flavor. Perhaps you could spoon some of the broth over the finished dumplings to pack more punch.
nutcakes September 12, 2011
I don't think the dumplings themselves will pick up much spice because they are sealed against the broth by the wrapper. Just having spicy broth may be enough for you, or adding chile oil to your bowl. Isn't it almost as easy to make one batch of filling, divide it, then add the hot stuff to your portion? Cook in separate pots or cook the mild ones first?
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