What should I do with way too much (and too spicy) curry sauce?

My husband got excited about making a red curry sauce but it turned out wayyy too spicy for our midwestern taste buds. In an attempt to decrease the spice, we added a bunch of coconut milk, some chicken broth and some lime juice, but it is still too fiery for us—and now we have quarts of it! Please help me figure out how to 1) make it less spicy, 2) use it up. Thanks!



Miss_Karen May 11, 2020
I would divide it up. Freeze the portions. Then, you can use it as a base for soup such as Mulligatawny. Add some vegetable broth or chicken brorh, some rice, a bit of honey(*not sugar)
(Honey reduces the fire factor) add some chicken, apples (or apple sauce) and celery... Yum.
Nancy May 11, 2020
RachelQuednau -
3-4 days in fridge
2-3 months in freezer
Dilute by adding veg and/or proteins (meat, fish, cooked beans, eggs) to make stew or sauce.
Package it in useful sizes.
More tactics: add fat or dairy, or serve over plain unseasoned carbohydrates (breads, noodles, potatoes).
Last do any or all if the above and give it away - to friends who like your cooking and trust it, to local essential workers who ditto.
Sadly, most food banks won't or don't take prepared foods.
(I sympathize; as you can guess, I've been there and lived to fix most of the dishes I made too hot.)
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