Yesterday I tried and failed, twice, to have this recipe come off. The second time some small curds developed but not the big billowy clouds as...

...shown in the picture that seduced me. I am wondering if the heat was too high (electric burners, hard to control). About how long does it take for the curds to separate from the whey when bringing the mixture to "a very gentle boil over medium heat" before moving on to the next step? I did let the mixture rest for a full hour while waiting for the curds to further develop. Thanks

  • Posted by: durun99
  • September 18, 2011
Creamy Homemade Ricotta
Recipe question for: Creamy Homemade Ricotta


LLStone September 18, 2011
I've made this more than 20 times, and have had 3 batches fail. Anytime that happened, I went and got new ingredients and that fixed the problem. I'm not sure which of the ingredients were causing the problem, but getting fresh ones solved it every time for me.
ejm September 18, 2011
First time I made this I was concerned about boiling too hard - so did what you appeared to have done and did not heat it enough - result, very few curds. I now boil it for real - not big rolling boil but a boil nonetheless. Watch it carefully, you will know when you are getting curds - then let it sit undisturbed for about an hour - you get plenty. and it does make a difference if you scoop the curds out or pour the whole thing out to drain - scooping is better. And, last thing, don't drain too long. Do it a few times and it gets automatic.....

Good luck!
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