Name of the dish ?

Today a chef came as tourist from USA made this with chicken breast and some filling I know the step by step method but I forgot to ask the name of the dish

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pierino September 20, 2011
Paul, since you saw it step by step, what are the ingredients? I make something similar myself but I tie it up first.
cookbookchick September 20, 2011
Maybe there is no particular name for the dish, pauljoseph. Could be just stuffed chicken breasts! I've had them with Italian-style stuffings, Mexican, etc. In fact, the Mexican may be one of my favorite ways with stuffed chicken breasts -- they were filled with huitlacoche (corn fungus!) and served with a mildly spicy cream sauce flavored with green chilies.
sdebrango September 20, 2011
You are right wssmom chicken kiev is breaded and I don't think it has spinach or veggies in it.
sexyLAMBCHOPx September 20, 2011
I agree with wssmom. Chicken stuffed with broccoli or spinach, but if it was made with lots of parsley could be Chicken Kiev, like sdebrango answered. Did you taste some? If so, what were the other ingredients? Chicken breasts stuffed with anything is a favorite of mine.
wssmom September 20, 2011
Chicken Rollatini? It looks like chicken breasts stuffed with broccoli or spinach ...
sdebrango September 20, 2011
Maybe chicken kiev?
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