Again,just for fun:Time traveling cooking...

If you were given the choice to travel in time and cook a meal: a)Would you go back or foward? b)Going back:would you go to an specific Era in History or to a different period in your life? c)in any case:what would you cook?



Sam1148 October 2, 2011
Sounds like Next Restaurant, in Chicago.
Grant Achatz' latest resturant.

Which started out with a Paris 1912 menu, and has moved on to Thailand, and future menus are supposed to be post war Italy and China 2036. Interesting concept from one of the Top Chefs in's also a Ticketed dining. Meaning you purchase tickets for a date/time that include tip, with a wine paring option. If you don't show up; the resturant has already sold the ticket.
boulangere October 2, 2011
Oh definitely back. I'd love to ride a bicycle out to Richard Olney's home in Provence to spend an afternoon cooking and eating and enjoying wine.
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