Water from washing crabapples is dark - what could that be?

Like every year, I picked a load of crabapples to make jelly, and like every year the wash water is grey, dark grey, almost black at first, then getting lighter with every rinse but it never becomes really clear, like other fruit. We live in a remote place, no roadside pollution from traffic, nor pesticides etc. This is the only fruit where that happens. I am pretty sure the fruit is safe to process, even if it's apple scab (which I don't think it is, the trees are healthy and the crabapples are plum and larger than ever this year from all the rain), it's safe to eat. The jelly always turns out golden-colored and crystal clear. Has anyone made a similar experience with crabapples? Thanks.

Nadia Hassani


Nadia H. October 4, 2011
Thanks, that sounds right. Fruit with sooty mold according to several Extension Services is still edible, especially after thorough washing, so I am no longer concerned.
Helen's A. October 4, 2011
It sounds like the crabapples may have sooty mold. Here's some info: http://na.fs.fed.us/spfo/pubs/howtos/ht_sooty/ht_sooty.htm

It's doesn't appear to be toxic, but many people do have mold allergies...
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