What type of orange should I buy to make oj?

a Whole Foods Market Customer


sdebrango October 5, 2011
I like to mix my oranges love navel and valencia, I like to add the juice of honey tangerines to the mix.
Summer O. October 5, 2011
I usually use navels and valencias, I find navels are juicier. I mix in blood oranges and clementines when in season. I would use whatever you like and whatever is affordable.
GreasySpoon October 5, 2011
If juicing for one or two a mix of both Navels and Valencia are good but if you need a lot for a family or a drink recipe then go with frozen and for each container of frozen made by package direction add the juice of one orange of any type.
wssmom October 4, 2011
I confess to being smitten with cara cara oranges ...
someonewhobakes October 4, 2011
actually, navels are the traditional "eating orange", and Valencia oranges are considered the "juice orange". They are much juicier and I can usually find them in big five- or ten-pound bags at the farmers' market (in CA).
boulangere October 4, 2011
In CA we usually used navels.
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