How do I make a veggie fried rice.

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beyondcelery October 5, 2011
I love to roast tofu separately, then stir it into the rice at the end. It gives a totally different texture from soft tofu and doesn't break up throughout the rice. Here's a good recipe for how to roast it:
Sarasita October 5, 2011
I agree with sexyLAMBCHOPx. Leftover rice is the best. I can never get the right consistancy if I don't use cold leftovers - things get mushy too easily.
I usually fry up an egg or two in oil. Set aside. Then cook my protein and veggies and set aside. Then I throw the rice in a pan with some oil. I add soy sauce, brower sugar, fresh ginger and some spicy red pepper and stir them into the rice, tasting constantly until I get the balance of sweet, savory and spicy I like. Once the rice is warmed and flavored to my liking I throw back in the veggies, egg and protien and stir to warm up. Top with green onions and serve.
One more tip - high heat is your friend here. Cook everything quickly on a high temp.
sexyLAMBCHOPx October 5, 2011
I usually buy rice from the local chinese rtake-out place and stick in the fridge so it's cold. Leftover rice works best. As mentioned above, I stir-fry my protein of choice, veggies and egg in a bit of veg oil. I use a small amount of sesame oil to finish.

If you search food52's recipe engine, you will find this one and more to help you with technique and ingredient variations:
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There really is no single way to make fried rice, since this has been adapted by many cuisines. The basic technique is to cook the rice separately (with salt & some oil added to keep the grains separate). Saute some onions, vegetables & proteins (your choice, tofu, paneer, shrimp, or cooked chicken, all basically diced), add your choice of seasoning, (soy sauce, tamari, sriracha, garam masala, pick any one!). once these have been cooked add the rice & stir in. Sprinkle some water, cover & let the flavors combine. , garnishg with parsley or colantro 7 serve hot!
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