Quick: need a good stir fry sauce for veggies.



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Soy Sauce and OJ.... also makes a GREAT marinade!
jscalera January 9, 2012
Very very teriyaki is delicious, cheap and easy.
Sam1148 January 9, 2012
Your right Sara. I should have said to use the cornstarch addition with just water at the end..and the stock to flavor in the wok. It really does thicken quickly and easy to over do.

Lately for stir fries tho, I been skipping the 'swimming in sauce' style...and just use hosin, oyster, or black bean sauce. With just a bit of stock to thin it out. The hosin and/or oyster sauce thickens it to just glistening.
sara13 January 9, 2012
Also, mix a teaspoon of sugar w the soy hoisen mix. Mix the cornstarch with COLD water and add at the end. It thickens very quickly
Sam1148 January 9, 2012
Oyster Sauce and Hosin sauce are good.

Otherwise if you don't have those on hand, a chicken or veggie stock, with a tsp or so of cornstarch. Soy sauce to finish..and a final finish with crushed red-pepper and a garnish of sesame oil.
Start the veggies in the stir fry and add some crushed garlic and ginger.Then add the saucing element.
I tend to 'water fry' my veggies with just a bit of oil and add a table spoon of water to steam them while frying and control the temp so they don't have burned bits from the high temp of the wok--this also helps to avoid burning the garlic, which is nasty burned.
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