Kindle Cookbooks

Is anyone using e-cookbooks? Very curious about your thoughts...

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boulangere October 7, 2011
I'm a true paper person, too, and I'm relieved to have such esteemed company. A friend who has tried cookbooks on her Kindle was disappointed, so she's come back over to our side. Call me old-fashioned, but old habits die hard.
susan G. October 7, 2011
I'm for the tactile pleasure of the written word.
When I'm cooking I often put the book open to the recipe on an open drawer close to the stove-sink-work counter so I can look at it without taking up my limited counter space. I have a dishtowel hanging close by to wipe my hands and avoid staining the books..
We tried online subscriptions to cooking magazines. The good part was that I could get a fabulous magazine from New Zealand, Dish; but it was not set up to print individual recipes, and of course the pleasure of leafing through, or sitting down with a big pile of old copies is lost.
I wonder if younger generations will not feel this way -- will read and mentally process differently?
SKK October 7, 2011
I print my recipes out and put them in clear covers and store them in notebooks with my notes etc. Then I can just wipe the covers off. My cookbooks look 'well-used' or as my daughter says - "Mom, what a mess!" Tried cooking with an I-Pad once and it was not a pretty picture! And there you have it, my true confessions for the day.
JessicaBakes October 7, 2011
I now view most of my recipes on my ipad so I'm not wasting paper by printing them out. I think it's convenient, but you have to have a good place to keep your kindle (where it won't get messy or wet...bad times) that isn't so far out of the way that it's inconvenient. The one other thing is that you will often have to "wake" your device, which requires clean fingers. If you're a bit of a messy cook, it may not be the best
SKK October 7, 2011
I am with drbabs - for cooking give me the pictures and the paper!
drbabs October 7, 2011
This probably makes me hopelessly old fashioned, but, no, I haven't been using cookbooks on the Kindle. I do have one, and I like it a lot for reading novels, especially when traveling. But I like being able to write in my cookbooks--notes about what i did differently, what i liked and didn't like, etc, and while you can do that with the Kindle, it's not as easy as with a pen. I also can't get my mind around the grey scale for photos--I like color photos in cookbooks that have them so I can see what the dish is supposed to look like. So Kindle, yes. For cooking, no.
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