Fresh vs. Frozen cherries (concerning pies)!

I have a favorite go-to cherry pie recipe that I would love to make for my father for an upcoming visit. Unfortunately, every store is out of fresh cherries (out of season)...I'm very wary of making the pie with frozen cherries. Should I risk it? Or should I go with a fall pie..



JessicaBakes October 8, 2011
You will probably want to drain them well and/or add extra thickener as frozen items hold onto their liquid really well. Good luck, I'm sure it will be delicious!
jollygreenani October 8, 2011
Thank you guys! My dad will be so pleased.
Soozll October 8, 2011
I have a freezer full of pitted montmoresey cherries to use for pies this holiday season, too. Last year, I had a problem with them softening enough in the pie; they tended to hold their shape too well, even though I thawed and mascerated them, and they didn't juice out enough. The next time I made a pie with them, I crushed about a scant cup of them after they were thawed and mascerated (my recipe uses 6 cups cherries) and I heated them with only the sugar in a sauce pan to wilt them for a couple of minutes before mixing the thickener with some water and adding it after they were heated. it worked out much better. I had plenty of whole cherries and the juices had plenty of body in the pie. .
SKK October 8, 2011
Absolutely you can make pie with frozen cherries. Just let them thaw before you add the sugar and whatever thickener you use. I prefer instant tapioca.
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